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Just Keyword Research creates customized keyword research for marketers, agencies, and customers. And we do it faster, better, and cheaper than you can do it yourself.

Why use a keyword research service?

Keyword research is the cornerstone of SEO, paid search, and content marketing strategies. Our experts conduct and deliver targeted, funnel-specific keyword research that drives revenue.

Drive 10x more free organic search traffic

Find new prospects that need what you offer, but who've never heard of you. The right keyword research will ensure that your content resonates with search engines and brings people to your site.

Multiply your leads, sales, and email lists

Bring the right people to your site and watch as they convert into customers. The right keyword research ensures that your content will find people at their point of need who are ready to convert.

Bring your dead content to life

Get your content ranking on search engines and ensure that your websites pages are generating traffic and leads, even years after being published.

Receive SEO & content insights, fast

Get the SEO and content marketing insights you need without spending countless hours on research and analysis. Easily identify content and SEO gaps to determine quick wins.

Easily create meaningful strategies

Identify opportunities. Establish a digital roadmap to set priorities and then align your marketing teams around them. Then quantify success across your content and SEO activities.

Save money by generating SEO ROI

Create meaningful metrics that prove the ROI of your SEO and content marketing efforts. Establish your baseline, then measure success across your activities.

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We help clients with...

Website keyword research

Keyword research is the foundation of site architecture, content hubs, and content creation. Our keyword research will give you the insight you need to make strategic content and SEO decisions from the onset of the project. You’ll be able to quickly sort and prioritize keywords based on real data and opportunity analysis.

SEO keyword research

SEO strategy is built on keyword research. Ours allows marketers to determine priorities, inform action plans, and measure ROI in a meaningful and realistic way. Our approach allows you take control of your SEO strategy, and play a decisive role in helping your organization reach the right prospects at the right time.

Content marketing keyword research

Know that the time you invest in content marketing will be worth it. Our research helps clients generate tremendous value from content by aligning it with powerful keywords. A content marketing strategy without keyword research leaves so much value on the table.

Our keyword research services

One-time keyword research

Ideal for large website projects, building an SEO roadmap, or planning a strategic content calendar.

Starting at $1250.

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Ongoing keyword research

For marketers looking to grow organic traffic, sales, and leads over time with strategic content.

Starting at $250/month.

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One-time keyword research

In 3 easy steps

We conduct customized, extensive keyword research based on specific business goals and opportunities.

We deliver our keyword research in an opportunity summary that allows you to quickly set strategy, identify opportunities, and measure success.

We provide a one-hour consulting session to walk you through the research and show you how to use the spreadsheet strategically.

Ongoing keyword research and consulting

We also help clients win at SEO and content on a monthly basis, with a simple consulting process.

1. Detailed keyword research

We conduct keyword research to determine low-funnel opportunities based on client goals. We identify and report on the set of keywords and synonyms we want to target.

2. Content hub creation

Using the keyword research and our knowledge of your business priorities, we create content hubs of all key pages needed to rank well for certain series of keywords.

3. Content assignments

We create detailed content assignments for each piece of content within the content hub, identifying key topics and guidelines needed to create maximum organic impact.

4. Content writing (*optional)

If you do not have writers to complete the content assignments, don’t worry. Our expert content creators can write them for you — no matter how complicated the topic.

What our clients are saying



$250 /mo

What’s included:

Monthly KW research for one topic or keyword cluster.

Monthly content hub augmentation.

Monthly content assignment creation.




What’s included:

KW research across three service areas.

KW opportunity summary.

One hour consulting session and to review final product.



$500 /mo

What’s included:

Monthly KW research for one topic or keyword cluster.

Monthly content hub augmentation.

Monthly content writing.


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Our work is guaranteed with a money back promise. If you are not satisfied with the keyword research, we will issue a full refund.

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